Contest settingsThe Contest settings let you specify several options that are helpful when you are using KComm to participate in a contest.

  • Contest mode - enables / disables contest support.
  • Increment exchange - specifies whether the contest exchange is to be automatically incremented whenever a contact is saved to the log. Use this for serial numbers.
  • Contest start - enter the start date and time in the format yyyy/mm/dd for the date and hh:mm for the time. This is used by the duplicate checking, alerting, statistics and export functions to determine when the first contest contact is.
  • Duplicate checking - KComm will alert you if you have previously contacted the same station during the contest. Specify whether the rules allow you to contact a station once only, once per band, or once per mode per band.
  • Alerts - KComm can alert you if a call that you enter may be a new multiplier in the contest. Specify the alerts you wish to see. Note that the CQ zone and ITU zone may not always be correct as it is determined by the prefix or call area, which is not strictly geographic in the USA (for example.)

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