Editing locations

VOAProp contains a database of DX locations and their amateur radio prefixes, which you can use to select locations, but it may not be up to date. The Locations Editor is a basic tool to allow you to edit this file, to allow you to add DX entities that aren't present in the list, remove old ones and so on. This could also be used to create a list of broadcast transmitters instead of amateur DX locations, if you're a broadcast SWL.

  • The Prefix value can contain a maximum of 8 characters.
  • The Description field may contain a maximum of 28 characters,

The Locations Editor can also be used to change how the locations are displayed. Most locations are displayed "normally", which means that VOAProp runs through the list in alphabetical order of prefixes, determining whether propagation is possible to each area. Because VOAProp also avoids displaying a prefix that would overlap one that has already been displayed, this may mean that some important prefixes are never shown because a nearby one of lesser importance is higher up the list. To avoid this, you can give a location the Show first attribute, which will ensure that it is sorted to the top of the list.

Locations are also usually only shown when propagation to them is possible. If there are locations that you would like to be displayed all the time, you can give them the attribute Pinned. These locations will always be shown. When propagation is not possible, their prefix is shown in dark red color.

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