Band changing

kcomm-bcThe Elecraft K2 and K3 do not provide buttons for direct access to specific amateur bands, so KComm's band change buttons are particularly useful. Just click a button to change immediately to the selected band.

The band change buttons are mode sensitive. That is, they change to a frequency within the selected band that is determined by the mode and power you are currently using. If you are currently using a data mode, the radio will change to a frequency in the digital modes part of the band. If you are using CW and the power control is set to 10 watts or less, the radio will change to the QRP CW frequency of the selected band.

Programming the band buttons

KComm's band buttons are programmable, so you can change the frequencies that the radio tunes to when you click the buttons. To edit a band button, right-click [Linux: middle-click] the button.


The Edit Band dialog box will appear. You can change the caption that is shown on the button (maximum 5 characters long) and the frequency that will be changed to according to the mode and power selected. The Default frequency is used for normal SSB operation, or if no frequency is specified for the current mode. Separate QRP frequencies are only provided for CW and SSB modes.

The Extra commands field allows you to specify additional K2/K3 control commands that are sent after the frequency and mode change commands are sent. See the Elecraft Programmers Reference manual for more information. You could use this field to send commands to set the power level or switch antennas.

Warning: Be sure that the commands you enter are correct, and terminated with a semicolon, because KComm does not check that they are valid.

Creating a special function button

You can use an unused band change button as a special function button that does not cause a frequency change, but only sends a set of commands. Simply ensure that all the frequency fields are blank.

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