About KComm

KCommunicate - for Elecraft owners onlyKComm is an amateur radio communication and logging program designed specifically for Elecraft K2 and K3 transceivers. It provides the capability for maintaining a log of contacts made, and can key the transceiver in CW mode using software commands sent over the serial data connection. It also provides some rig control features that complement the controls provided on the radio front panel.

KComm is the only logging software that supports the built-in DSP encoding and decoding of RTTY and PSK31 data modes and decoding of CW provided by the K3 transceiver. It can also integrate with the excellent sound card data mode program Fldigi or be used as a logger for it.

When used under Microsoft Windows the program has built-in support for sending and receiving PSK31, PSK 63 and PSK125 using the PSK Core DLL by AE4JY. It also has a 2.4KHz wide PSK Browser. KComm also supports the external morse decoders CW Skimmer and MRP40.

KComm requires an Elecraft K2 or K3 transceiver, which is connected to the computer using a basic serial cable. Only three wires (RX Data, TX Data and Ground) are used, as PTT and CW keying is achieved entirely by software command.

If sound card encoding / decoding is to be used then audio connections between the transceiver and sound card will also be needed.

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