System requirements

KComm requires:

  • A PC running Windows 2000 or later, or Linux.
  • A minimum screen resolution of 800x600 (800x480 for computer logging only.)
  • An Elecraft K2 or K3 connected to the computer via a standard serial cable or USB serial adapter (one with an FTDI chipset recommended.)
  • A PC sound card and audio connections to the radio (optional.)

KComm has been developed using Lazarus, a cross platform development tool similar to Borland Delphi that can create software for Windows, Linux and Mac.

An installable package (setup program) is available for Windows. There is also a zip archive, which can be used to install KComm into nonstandard locations such as a portable USB Flash drive.

As an experiment, an archive containing a precompiled binary version for Linux has also been provided. The files must be extracted and installed manually. No guarantees are offered as to the compatibility of this binary with any particular version of Linux. Note that since I no longer use Linux in the shack, the Linux version has not been tested with a radio.

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