Export to Cabrillo

The Cabrillo format is normally required when submitting contest entries electronically.

Exporting logs to Cabrillo

One problem with the Cabrillo format is that it is not a fixed format, since the information required by different contests may be different. The exporting software needs to know the exact information and output format that is required. This problem is handled in KComm by requiring the user to provide a template for the output. These templates are similar to the example templates provided on many contest websites, but with tokens in place of the dummy contact data, which are replaced by real contact data when generating the output.

The procedure for exporting a contest log to Cabrillo is as follows:

  • Create a template (or download one that someone else has created and made available).
  • Load the template into the template window.
  • Fill in the required fields such as Callsign, Category and Contest.
  • Click Export, and choose a name for the output file.

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