eQSL settingsElectronic QSLing using eqsl.cc is great fun, and can provide instant confirmation of a contact. For more information see QSLing for the 21st century.

KComm supports eQSLing in real time, and can send an automatic eQSL at the same time as a contact is saved to the log book. To take advantage of this, provide the eQSL settings.

  • eQSL username - enter your eQSL login name (callsign).
  • eQSL password - enter your eQSL password.
  • Auto eQSL - choose from these options:
    No - do not automatically eQSL each contact;
    Yes - automatically eQSL each contact;
    Ask - ask if eQSL should be sent on logging each contact;
    Smart - automatically eQSL first contact on band/mode, otherwise ask.

Real-time eQSLing is only practical if you have a permanent connection to the Internet. If you have a broadband connection then it is usually so fast that you won't notice it happening.

Occasionally, perhaps caused by an unexpected response from the eQSL server, KComm will crash and disappear from the screen while submitting an eQSL. During a contest or pile-up operation it is recommended to disable this option and upload your contacts as a batch, using an ADIF file, later.

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